Declaration of Taking Up Space
  • This so-called war stigmatizes fat people and threatens our well-being, our health and our life chances.
  • This so-called war has casualties in the form of extreme dieting, experimental drugs, stomach mutilations, school and workplace bullying and the denial of basic human rights on the basis of how a person looks. 

  • This so-called war threatens the right of everyone to care for and protect their bodies as they see fit.

 We are reluctant warriors in the war on fat people.
Like the Sumo Warrior, whose traditional role as warrior was on the front lines, fat people
are the first line of defense against a government and a culture determined to control our bodies.
We believe that:
  • Fat is just an adjective and should not be used as a moral indictment or a diagnosis.

  • Fat people have always and will always exist as a natural variation of human bodies.

  • People of all sizes deserve a chance to prove themselves on the basis of their character and their actions, not on how they look.

  • It is time to end the war on fat by celebrating the beauty and diversity of all human beings.

  • It is time to build strong bodies of all sizes, shapes and colors by encouraging the Health At Every Size model rather than weight loss.
Fat warriors come in all shapes and sizes.  Anyone who understands that freedom to
control one's body is a basic part of freedom is invited to join us in ending the war on fat people.  
As reluctant warriors, we will not back down until the war has ended
and fatness is no longer considered a disease.
We will continue taking up space.
© 2005 Pattie Thomas
Graphic © 2005 Peggy Elam
Reproduction of this declaration is permitted only in its entirety
unless specific permission is granted from the copyright holders.
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